Meet Mylo!

Everyone Meet Mylo!

Mylo is our new furry companion at Brighter Days Senior Services. Mylo is a three-year-old shih tzu mix who loves cuddles and treats! At Brighter Days we believe that offering a wide array of experiences is beneficial for Alzheimer and Dementia clients as well as all seniors in general! Mylo will visit often to be bring smiles and cuddles to those around him! On top of pet therapy, we believe in the benefits of intergenerational programs as well. With summer coming soon we also look forward to bringing in student volunteers for group craft and cooking classes to help with intergenerational socialization! Lots of new, fun days ahead! With the warmer weather we will also be adding an outdoor patio out front soon to allow for outdoor activities with the warmer weather!

We can't wait for summer to continue growing and offering, new, fun activities and opportunities!

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