Meet the staff!

Kaitlyn Peters: Kaitlyn is the owner and operator of Brighter Days Senior Services. She started this business out of pure passion! She has been working with seniors since 2014 in multiple settings, she seen there was a service missing as she understood the majority of seniors are not about being institutionalized, and home care is expensive and still involves a level of isolation. Kaitlyn has experience, and knowledge working with the aspect of the adult day center and senior programming's. Her hope is to help as many seniors as possible with aspects such as proper nutrition, socialization, physical & mental exercise, and much more! Kaitlyn is always open to answer questions, socialize, and play some games!

Lula Bridges: Lula has been working with seniors for several years as well. Lula is the Adult Day center team lead. She currently coordinates the monthly calendar, the daily operations, and the cooking! She loves to bake cakes and try new things! Lula is a positive, sociable, and adventurous soul, come visit us! You won't regret it!

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