The Reasoning Behind My Why

Today I spent my afternoon at a panelist seminar. I had a busy day that was filled with several clients, and rainy, gloomy weather. As I got off work the rain was clearing, the sun was shining, and all I wanted to do was sit outside, soak in the sunshine, and enjoy the sound of my children’s laughter as they splashed in puddles after several long days of being cooped up inside due to rainy weather, but instead I quickly ate supper, cleaned myself up, and headed out to this two-hour seminar. That is what being a business owner is, making sacrifices, keeping disciplined, and not always getting everything you want.

Don’t get me wrong, the seminar was amazing, and truly inspiring, but it was not how I wanted to spend my evening, but rather how I needed to spend it. As a new business owner, I must take every opportunity I have to expand my network and gain further knowledge and insight on how to succeed as a new, minority business owner. My business is my passion, and everything I want in my future, however before I can enjoy the freedom and passion I desire, I must first build its foundation. Everyone is always asking me why I have this business that I am not fully present at, and it is sometimes hard for them to understand that I am doing my part for the business by meeting with people, branching out, and getting my business out there so people know who I am, what my business is, and why my business matters. I do not get the luxury of enjoying the thing I love yet, of serving the aging population because if people don’t know who we are, where we are, or what our purpose is, it’s hard for me to do what I love without the people to serve, and I am still at that phase of getting my message out and sharing my who, what, when, where, and why.

My name is Kaitlyn Peters, I am a 23-year-old mother of two toddlers, who has a burning passion for ensuring our seniors are being cared for. It’s hard to see right now unless you are experiencing it with your loved ones or have seen it somehow in your life at some point but caring for our aging loved one’s is not always a simple task. Growing up I watched my grandmother, and her many other siblings care for their parents who lived at home, and they aspired to continue living at home until they passed, and my grandmother and her siblings ensured that that happened. They had elaborate communication and scheduling to provide round the clock care for their parents as they progressed and as their health issues and physical needs increased. They were a bigger family compared to the standard family size we are now seeing, and you could still see the amount of time, effort, and stress it put onto their already busy lives. Imagine now, these families of single children, who are now grown adults themselves, juggling their careers, and raising children of their own trying to add caring for their aging parents into the mix of their already busy lives. It is not easy, it is overwhelming, and it may feel like not being able to provide the care and support to your parents that you know they deserve makes you a failure, but you’re not, we only have so much time and energy to give, and it is okay to ask for help.

My goal is to be your help. My goal is to help you support your loved ones in their goals of independence and their ability of remaining in their own home and in their community as long as possible. Home care services can only do so much for you, and the financial burden that they add can be just as overwhelming as juggling the reasonability’s independently. Adult Day Centers are not a new concept, but rather just an underrated service that needs to be better known and available. Adult Day is the concept of both proper structure, and proper care. At Brighter Days Senior Services, we offer care for seniors at any age or level of care needs. Whether you are just looking for increased socialization for them with people of similar age or cognitive level, or if you are in dire need of respite care, we want to serve you. Home care is a great resource; however, it lacks the proper level of socialization and involvement that seniors need. If you or someone you know is looking or considering home care, then what we offer at Brighter Days Senior Services is sufficient, and much more affordable than what you can get with home care services.

My biggest take-away from tonight’s seminar that I attended was that if people are not fully aware of who you are or what you have to offer, you’re just wasting your time and energy. You could be the best in your industry, but if people don’t know who you are, they don’t get the opportunity to meet you, or utilize your abilities, or your resources, then you continue to just be a concept rather than a business. My goal is to be that resource, I hope to be people’s saving grace, I hope that the people who meet me and my team, and utilize the respite care services that I have to offer look back year’s from now and are grateful to have found us and that we have given them and their loved ones the freedom and respite they needed in order to fulfil their loved one’s wishes and help them keep in touch with not only themselves, but the people and community around them as well. I will continue to make sacrifices in my personal life in order to ensure that my professional life, and my business gets recognized, utilized, and pursued for years to come, because our seniors are the reason we are here and living the life we have, and they deserve the best care, and the best options, for the best price, and I want to be the person to offer them that!

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